«For me, interactive
art is the future»

– noizybutpurple

When noizy

Noizy represents my point of view that art should be accessible by everyone and my love for street art.

I started out in 2012 by pasting up robots and other kind of character stickers. But my best known street art project is DidYouFindMySticker which I started in 2016. The idea is simple: Go out and find all my alien stickers. But there is a catch to it: All the alien stickers are equipped with an NFC tag so that people can interact with them. If you find one on the streets or in cafes/restaurants, just scan them with an NFC-enabled mobile device and a website will open showing a short story about the alien.

Connecting New Media with Street Art

When purple

Purple represents my passion for storytelling and my willingness to stay innovative.

The purple part of me is all about telling stories. I experiment with all kinds of media to tell or enhance my stories. The short stories I create based on my alien characters are about a digitized society and deal with the question how it would be to live in such a society. All those short stories will built up to one big story - Alien Tale. But that's not all, I am also working on The Alien Tale Experience, which will be a VR-Experience where you can visit the alien world and listen to the alien short stories.

Interactive Art Exhibitions


  • 30th June - 1st July 2018
    Outer Space Exhibition, Stuttgart
  • 5th - 16th December 2018
    The Brick Lane Gallery, London
    Link to Gallery
  • Next one is just around the corner.


Noizybutpurple represents the two pieces of my artistic personality which complete each other - noizy (the street artist) and purple (the storyteller).

But I am not just noizy or purple. I am noizy but also purple - so I am noizybutpurple. I am a Zurich based new media and street artist who studied art, design and media at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart. What makes my art extraordinary is that it is always closely connected to new technologies such as NFC, VR and AR. My art is interactive, innovative and represents my unique point of view of how the future of art should be - interactive and accessible by everyone

But not just my aliens have stories to tell. Each piece of art out there has its own unique story, but most of the time we miss out on it because we just see the result. With DidYouFindMySticker I want to raise awareness of that circumstance and want to inspire other artists to add another level to their work to tell their stories as well.