«My art is interactive and
accessible to everyone»

– noizybutpurple

nfc artwork
Title: [alien eighty nine]
Dimension: 43 x 63 cm
Medium: Acrylic print hand finished
Scan with: NFC or noizybutpurple app!
Special Edition only available at swiss art expo
How to scan via NFC
ar artwork
Title: Niel's house
Dimension: 39 x 67 cm
Medium: Acrylic print
Scan with: Artivive app
Special Edition only available at swiss art expo
How to use Artivive app
app artwork
Title: [alien fifty two]
Dimension: 43 x 63 cm
Medium: acrylic print hand finished
Scan with: NFC or noizybutpurple app!
Special Edition only available at swiss art expo
How to use noizybutpurple app
photo of noizybutpurple

Artist Statement

Technology is an important part of my life. That is why it is also an important part of my art. I love to experiment with new technology such as NFC ( near field communication), VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) to explore how it can improve our lives. Due to movies and books, it seems that we now have a pretty good understanding of how technology will destroy us one day, but I believe technology can change our lives for the better.

My art is interactive, innovative and represents my point of view of how the future of art should be - interactive and accessible by everyone. That is why you can find the alien characters not just in selected galleries, but also on the streets of London, Zürich, Heidelberg, Berlin and many more.

But in the center of it all is you - the viewer. You are the most important part of it. Because you are my inspiration, my conversation partner and my supporter. Most of the alien characters I draw and their stories are inspired by people I've met. What I love most about being an artist is that it allows me to meet many wonderful people with exciting life stories. Inspired by their stories I imagine how our lives would be in a digitized society. Better, worse, or just different? Let's find out together. That's what my art is all about: Opening up a dialogue between me and the viewer about technology and how it can improve our lives.

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How to scan via nfc

You can scan the artwork an read the alien’s story by scanning the name tag of the alien by using NFC on your smartphone. How you can access NFC depends on the smartphone you use.

Android: You just need to turn on NFC in your settings. Therefore go to Settings and then search for NFC. Click on “NFC” and turn it on.

iPhone XS and newer: Good news! NFC is enabeld by default. You just need to hold your phone near the name tag of the alien.

iPhone 7 to iPhone X: You need to download an app. I recommend you to use GoToTags.

iPhone 6 and older: Sadly, Apple restricted iPhone 6 of using the NFC functionality even if you have iOS 11 installed. But good news! You can also use the new noizybutpurple app!

HOW TO use the artivive App

Explore an additional dimension in Niel’s house by using the Artivive augmented reality app on your smartphone. Just download the app, open it and hold your smartphone in front of the artwork.

How to use the noizyputpurple App

The noizybutpurple web app is one of my latest projects and a step up from my NFC project. Using computer vision algorithms, I developed a model that recognizes which alien character you take a picture of and displays the matching story on your mobile device. Since the app is still very new, I love to get your feedback.

Click here for the noizybutpurple app!

How to Buy my Art

Swiss Art Expo

You have the opportunity to buy my artworks directly at the Swiss Art Expo. The exhibited artworks are a special edition as they come with shadow gap frames - you can buy these artworks on art fairs only! If you want to purchase one of my artworks you can make an offer directly to me or if I am not available to the sales staff. If you are uncertain about the price, I have also set a recommended price for each artwork.

noizybutpurple shop

If you can't make it to Swiss Art Expo or can't decide directly due to the abundance of many artists, you can either contact me directly or purchase my art through my online store. You also have the option to purchase your personalized alien!

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