«Technology can change
our lives for the better»

– noizybutpurple

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Interactive Portraits

The Interactive portraits project connects the alien portraits with alien stories of a digitized society that the viewer can access by interacting with the artwork by using different kinds of technology. The aliens, as well as their stories, are inspired by real people. Inspired by their stories, I imagine how our lives would be in a digitized society. Better, worse, or just different? There are two ways a viewer can interact with the artworks. First they can scan the artworks with the noizybutpurple app, or they can scan the name tag of the alien with an NFC-enabled device.

So far, over 150 alien characters have been created. An alien portrait becomes an interactive portrait when it has a story. You can find all available interactive portraits in noizybutpuple's new art catalouge.

How to scan via nfc

You can scan the artwork an read the alien’s story by scanning the name tag of the alien by using NFC on your smartphone. How you can access NFC depends on the smartphone you use.

Android: You just need to turn on NFC in your settings. Therefore go to Settings and then search for NFC. Click on “NFC” and turn it on.

iPhone XS and newer: Good news! NFC is enabeld by default. You just need to hold your phone near the name tag of the alien.

iPhone 7 to iPhone X: You need to download an app. I recommend you to use GoToTags.

iPhone 6 and older: Sadly, Apple restricted iPhone 6 of using the NFC functionality even if you have iOS 11 installed. But good news! You can also use the new noizybutpurple app!

How to use the noizyputpurple App

The noizybutpurple web app is one of my latest projects and a step up from my NFC project. Using computer vision algorithms, I developed a model that recognizes which alien character you take a picture of and displays the matching story on your mobile device. Since the app is still very new, I love to get your feedback.

Click here for the noizybutpurple app!

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